A Pale Faced Moon

A Pale Faced Moon – Invisible Lines
Rated PG – 50 minutes
9/26 9:30pm & 9/27 5:00pm @ Frenetic Theater
A Pale Faced Moon is a primal exploration of raw emotion, the unraveling of seasons in each human life, using a blend of Edgar Allan Poe’s final months, his poetry, improvisational music, and Japanese Butoh dancing. A Pale Faced Moon is a multimedia presentation of the final seasons of Edgar Allan Poe’s life using Butoh dance, Poe’s apologia “Eureka,” his poem “The Bells,” and an accompanying musical score. A Pale Faced Moon explores themes of despair, damnation, and the transitory character of life. Spoiler alert: Poe died in 1849 after a prolonged drinking bout and was seemingly accosted by political ruffians and left for dead. PR2_blank

Invisible Lines is a troupe of performance poets who met in a downtown bar. The Lines’ mission is to bring poetry on stage and give audiences an immersive experience in the heart and aesthetic of poetry along with a peak at the demons that make it necessary. Invisible Lines principals are Bucky Rea, Salvador Macias, Mike McGuire, and Baltazar Canales.


$12 tickets