Anything Goes

$12 ticketsSeptember 28 @ 7pm

Frenetic Theater

Help us close out the 7th annual Fringe with a bang! Some of Houston’s best performing artists showcase their short, weird & wild works on the stage of Frenetic Theater for the grand Fringe finale. All works are 10 minutes or less, and when we say ‘anything goes’ we mean it. You’ve been warned ;)

Performances by A Dance Collective, Catalina Alexandra, Astrogenic Hallucinauting aka SPIKE the Percussionist, Ayo the Poet, Diana Bailey, Jessica Brown, Dorianne Castillo, Nicolay Dance Works, Michael Stinson, Jadd Tank and more.GENIC-logo-300dpi

Astrogenic Hallucinauting aka SPIKE the Percussionist
Astrogenic Hallucinauting aka SPIKE the Percussionist is a percussionist and composer of noizology. I can’t classify Astrogenic Hallucinauting as music, but its name is more fitting for the images conjured up while listening to his creations. In his own words: “Astrogenic Hallucinauting is a dark ambient noiz generator. At times harsh and at others a wash of drones. Hear some of this existence through my eyes…” Layers of sound with abstract and often changing tempos can make your listening experience change from a feeling of relaxation to a feeling of anxiety and

There will be the noiz of a Gong.

Chapeau Baux – Jadd TankJadd Tank
The Death Drive.
The Chapter in one’s life that seems to bleed unto all chapters to come.
A stain that represents my subconscious trying everything in its power to fulfill its new found passion for killing me.
Also, all that glorious Glitz and Glam that comes before & After the event.
Also, this is a dramatic piece, so please feel free to laugh.
Furthermore, I don’t yell chicly.

Jadd Tank is a Choreographer, Director, and Dancer. After moving frequently around the Middle East in his adolescent years, he made his way to America where he studied at the University of Colorado. He has received extensive physical training from professionals of post-modern, contemporary, hip-hop and contact improvisational dance, including Gabriel Masson, Gesel Mason, Erika Randall, Michelle Ellsworth, Uri Shafir, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Darrell Jones, Zoe Juniper, Onye Ozuzu, and Rennie Harris. After receiving a B.A in International Affairs and a B.F.A in Dance by May of 2012, Jadd joined Legitimate Bodies Dance Company in Ireland, Maqamat Dance Theatre in Lebanon, and Marcel Leemann Physical Theatre in Switzerland. In addition, Jadd has worked as an Assistant Director and Artist for You&Me Dance Company in Denver, Colorado since 2011. In 2013 You&Me toured six major countries in Europe, in eight weeks. Jadd Recently worked under Michelle Ellsworth for her performance titled “Clytigation” which is to premier in March of 2015. Jadd is currently the co-director and choreographer for the interdisciplinary dance company “WolfTank Productions”, alongside Mollie Wolf. Most Recently WolfTank Productions was asked to create a music video for a popular Middle Eastern Band called Mashrou’ Leila, which is to premiere at the end of 2014. In 2011 WolfTank Productions was awarded a residency at the ATLAS Institute in Boulder, Colorado.Ayokunle Falomo

Dance (For wallflowers like you and I) – Ayo the Poet
The poem “Dance (For wallflowers like you and I)” was written for a couple who danced – at a thanksgiving dinner – in the middle of the restaurant where the husband works as a chef. The invited guests – the writer of the poem included – couldn’t help but stop eating and watch. Moments like that should be captured, if not in photograph, with words. And that is exactly what the poem is, a capture of that moment when one extends his or her hand to the other and says, here. After the dance is done, the wife says thank you! The husband does the same. And the writer ponders on how splendid it would be if we all did!

Nigerian. poet. whose pen is a shovel to unearth those things that make us human. lover. of almonds. grapes. and turkey bacon. author of the collection of poems titled “thread, this wordweaver must!”. American.

Date a Girl Who Dances – Dorianne CastilloDoriane Castillo
Prose (writing) by Steffi Carter.
Voice by: Rebecca French
Choreography by Dorianne A Castillo in collaboration with Adriana Flores
Dancer: Dorianne A Castillo
Photo credits: Les Campbell Photography

This piece was made through the exploration of movement inspired by the writings of a San Diego ballet dancer (Steffi Carter); who in a simple but accurate manner shares the way a dancer see, feel, reacts upon or thinks about the world surrounding her.

Dorianne has had the pleasure to dance with FrenetiCore for two years. She is an alumnus from Escuela de Bellas Artes in Ponce, PR and Andanza School of Dance in San Juan, PR where she received her dance training. She recently graduated from Rice Univeristy, where she was also able to perfom with Rice Dance Theater company.

Dream Birds – Nicolay Dance Works
Dream Birds is an abstract dance that draws on imagery of luminescent night birds. Colorful costumes designed by Maggie Lasher create
an ethereal vision of translucent light, while Toby Twining’s mystical a Capella musical work ‘Hee-oo-oom-ha’ provides beautiful aural support
and motivation for the movement.

Drawing on his international background in ballet, contemporary dance and Laban Movement Analysis, Dana Nicolay strives to create dances that speak clearly and truly of human experience. His body of nearly 50 concert works has produced numerous awards and recognitions from organizations such as the American College Dance Festival Association, Regional Dance America, and the Mid-America Dance Network. He pursues an active free-lance career as a teacher, choreographer, and adjudicator. He holds the MFA in modern dance from TCU, is a Certified Laban/ Bartenieff Movement Analyst and holds the rank full professor of dance at Sam Houston State University.

He Sang What: A Musician’s Ex-Girlfriend Responds – Diana Bailey

What if Adele’s album ’21’ was about you? That’s the central question in “He Sang What: A Musician’s Ex-Girlfriend Responds”. In a performance of storytelling, stand up comedy, and song, I tell my side of the story about a breakup with an anonymous, incredibly famous, and possibly fictitious rock star.No More Words 2

No More Words – Jessica Brown & Micah Stinson
Inspired by silent movies and the grand soundtracks of modern entertainment, No More Words takes its inspiration from music – creating silent improvised tales using only body language and emotion. No More Words has amassed a collection of hundreds of songs for inspiration. No More Words’ tech partner will randomly select music in order to keep the inspirations a surprise – even from the performers.

As Co-Director of Station Theater, Jessica Brown currently teaches, coaches and oversees marketing and corporate training. She also manages marketing for the Houston Improv Festival and Trill Comedy Festival and is a member of the 2014 Frenetic Theater Artist Board. Jess is a graduate of the ComedySportz Houston and The New Movement (TNM) comedy training programs. She studied improv and sketch comedy with trainers from Kids in the Hall, iO Chicago, Annoyance Theater, Huge Theater, and more. She toured nationally with TNM’s Tourceratops in 2012 and performed at the Trill Comedy Festival, Houston Improv Festival, Improv Wins, Megaphone Marathons and Houston Fringe Festival with troupes This Infinite Closet, Jousting Bieber, Heroes of Milkton and Fematoma. She also performs with Crash Atlas, Space Mutt, Brown Sugar, No More Words and is a regular player in Station house troupes.

Micah Stinson has been a staple of the Houston improv scene for more than 8 years as a member of Vitiligo, Massive Improv and as co-founder / co-artistic director of Rogue Improv. Micah is also a stage actor with more than three years of experience with Main Street Theater, including performances as Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, James in James and the Giant Peach and the world premiere of P’s and Q’s: The ABC’s of Manners. Currently, Micah is a member of improv and sketch comedy troupes Date Night, Crash Atlas and Hoedown Shenanigans. He is also the co-creator and host of The Jon and Micah Show, a sketch variety show. Micah has performed at the Houston Fringe Festival and Out Of Bounds. He also served as an instructor for Rogue Improv.

Teno Koe – A Dance Collective
The Haka is a powerful combination of sound and movement, a traditional War Dance used by the native peoples of the South Pacific. In the modern age, the Haka is a cultural reminiscence that is used to intimidate international rivals in the Sporting Arena.

Teno Koe is an original work created in collaboration by Mark Oliveiro (Composer) and Amanda Will (Choreographer). Mark, a native Australian, created the concept for a Haka inspired piece to reverse the tradition of the feud between Australia and New Zealand while holding on the power of both the movement and music.

Tupoto koe! Ringa pakia! Waewae takahia kia kino!
Tena koe! Haere nei!Koomah

Vs – Koomah
The performance “Vs” utilizes movement, music, and spoken word to tell the story of a sumo wrestler facing an increasingly difficult opponent; the shifting of culture, attitudes, and body shaming.

Koomah is an intersex-bodied trans/queer multidisciplinary grassroots artist and part-time hermaphrodite unicorn. Koomah’s art is usually abstract in nature and their performance covers an eclectic range from performance art, drag (king/queen/in-between), queer burlesque & cabaret, genderfucking sideshow acts, and some educational acts centering around issues of gender, sexuality, and gender variant identities/expressions. Koomah is a performance artist with Continuum, a performer with the Houston Gendermyn, a frequent performer at QUEERLESQUE!, and a solo artist. Koomah has performed, showcased artwork, and screened films nationwide.

Untitled – Catalina Alexandra
Why do people push away what they really want? Why people apologize when touching elbows at the grocery line? Why do people feel uncomfortable when receiving a truly genuine hug? Is it the roll they play in their own story, the meanings they give to their reality? Maybe is accepting their own worth… The worth they were born with, the one that doesn’t diminish with time

Catalina Alexandra is a native of Bogota, Colombia. She holds a BA in Theater and Dance from the University of Houston. She has also trained at the Instituto Superior de Arte in La Habana, Cuba, and at various national and international festivals. Her choreography has been seen at ACDFA, Big Range Dance Festival, San Jacinto College, Houston Community College, DiverseWorks’12 MinutesMax, HopeWerks, Hope Stone, Inc.’s young artist residency program, and at Weekend of Texas Contemporary Dance at Miller Outdoor Theater. Catalina has performed for various artists in Bogota, La Habana, Ireland, France, Ecuador, and Houston. She also teaches aerial fabric at VauLt Houston, performs with Hope Stone, VauLt Dance, and several independent choreographers. Catalina is excited about her newest venture. She is a co-founder of Houston Dance Collective, which is a collective formed by professional dancers, teachers, and choreographers supporting each other and fostering one another’s professional needs.

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