Apply To The 2015 Houston Fringe Festival
September 23-27, 2015

The Houston Fringe Festival is a five-day event in which performers and companies from any city or country present original work at participating venues in Houston’s East End. The annual festival features over 100 companies and individual artists each year, showcasing talent from Houston and beyond. The Houston Fringe supports both emerging and established performing and visual arts.

All proposed works should adhere to the mission of the Houston Fringe: To present daring and conceptually challenging performances that fit outside the mainstream of theater, music, film, dance and art presented in the Houston area. In other words: the weirder, the better.


– Submit the application below and pay the $25 application fee at before May 1, 2015.

– A company or artist may submit more than one application. Each application must be accompanied by the application fee.

– If your application is incomplete, it will not be adjudicated. Please submit only complete applications. Additional support materials may not be added to your application after the deadline.

– You will be sent an email notification stating that your application has been received.

Important Dates

Important Dates Entries Close: Friday, May 1, 2015
Notification of Acceptance: Monday, June 1, 2015
Houston Fringe Festival Dates: September 23-27, 2015

Types of Shows

Virtually any type of theater, dance, film, and musical performance is welcome to apply. All shows must 15-60 minutes in length. (Applications for Anything Goes will be available May 1 which showcases works 10 minutes or less.)

Selection Process

Fringe shows and art works will be selected by a team of qualified, quirky curators. A selection committee will choose performances based on several criteria, the most important being quality of work (this includes both the content of your production and your ability to demonstrate that you can produce the show that you are proposing) and Fringe factor. The selection committee will also try to ensure a cross-section of shows. Please be aware that participation is highly competitive and we encourage all applicants to keep trying.

Performance and Scheduling

If your show is accepted you will present your work twice during the festival. You will also have the opportunity to perform at special events during the festival to help publicize your show.
All Fringe programs must be 45-60 minutes. Your performance may be paired with another to create a full hour Fringe program.

Performers and crew may choose to be involved in more than one production. They will be responsible for ensuring that no scheduling conflicts prevent or interfere with any performances. The Fringe will not adjust any scheduling to accommodate performers appearing in more than one production.


Performances will take place at three venues in Houston’s East End – Frenetic Theater, Super Happy Fun Land and The Barn. Venues will be assigned based on technical and space needs. The Fringe provides you with a venue equipped with basic sound and lighting and a technician. Due to the nature of a festival, a limited number of lighting and sound cues will be given.


Although you will be included in Fringe publicity, you are encouraged to promote your show through social media, print marketing and attending other shows to ensure full audiences. You will be required to submit all publicity documentation requested by the festival by the due dates given. You will be included in Fringe promotions, including the festival website and all printed media publicity.


All applicants must pay a $25 fee per application to be considered for the festival. Applicants selected to performer will pay a production/venue fee between $75-$150 depending on the length of your work and venue location.
Your are responsible for all financial aspects of your production and travel costs. You must hire your own cast, secure your own rights, pay all expenses (props, costumes, travel, special equipment etc.) and run your own rehearsals, etc.

Ticket Income

Performers receive 60% of their ticket income. Groups paired together will split the ticket income. Single show tickets are $10 online and the door, and multi-show passes and performer passes are also available.

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