BLACK – Good Dance Since 1984
Rated PG – 60 minutes

9/25 9:30pm & 9/26 6:30pm @ The Barn

BLACKBlack the color of coal, ebony, outer space, the darkest color, resulting in the absence of or complete absorption of light. Good Dance Since 1984’s representation of Black will take you to a place heavily soiled with color, culture, and charisma. A compilation of works will examine contrasting differences amongst mammals in captivity, relationships, and a celebration of the Mardi Gras Indians. Black presents grace, strength, and athleticism, which will be both captivating and dynamic.

Press PhotosGood Dance Since 1984 is a multi-faceted dance company that represents grace, poise, power, athleticism, strength, and most of all, art at its finest. Director/Choreographer Donna Crump  is a native New Orleanian. Her extensive career has included engagements in New York, Brazil, Zimbabwe and South Africa, and her dance company regularly performs in festivals across the United States. She received the Big Easy Tribute to Classical Arts Award for Outstanding Choreography New Work (2013) and Outstanding Modern Dance Presentation (2014) and Modern Dance in 2012 and 2014. Our belief is that dance starts with a feeling, ends with an action, and lives in the soul. Photos by Jafar M. Pierre.


$12 tickets