Borrowed Ideas and Forgotten Bits

Borrowed Ideas and Forgotten Bits – Lori Yuill
Rated PG 13 – 50 minutes

9/24 8:00pm & 9/26 11:00pm @ The Barn


Borrowed Ideas and Forgotten Bits 2

Borrowed Ideas and Forgotten Bits exists in four parts: Obstacle Course, Senses, Flip Book, and Snap Shot. Throughout the piece the audience will take a journey through the roles of actor/dancer, active viewer, director, photographer, and may even be asked to be a part of the set. Having worked with a number of artists over the years choreographer Lori Yuill finds that their ideas and processes sometimes appear unintended in the movement that she makes. In this piece Lori embraces the idea that all things new come from something old and excavates her movement memories for engaging bits of information.

Lori Yuill, choreographer, grew up without noticing her sense of smell until she spent a summer in North Carolina and the scent of the Magnolia trees came alive.  She likes movement that is muscular yet flowy and her favorite color is green…or maybe it is really pink.

Borrowed Ideas and Forgotten Bits
Brian Buck, media and set designer, is a movement based media artist who loves to move counter clockwise. He often recalls the scent of roses wafting in the air at his first apartment. Romanticizing the color of his wife’s green eyes, his work is inspired by dance.
Abby Flowers, mover, loves the many smells that accompany a long hike, especially after a rain shower. She enjoys moving athletically, constantly shifting between being on the floor and her feet. Her favorite color is definitely green.
Tati Vice, mover, grew up in Brazil and loved to spend summer holidays at her grandma’s, where the smell of food, coffee and rain forever invaded her skin. She likes to move with the flow and her favorite colour depends very much on her mood. She is not a very moody person.
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