Egor and Nema

Egor and Nema – Beatific Beat
Rated PG – 20 minutes
(paired with Take A Word/Leave A Body Part)
9/25 8:00pm & 9/27 11:00pm @ Super Happy Fun Land

Egor and Nema
Through improvised movement and sound, two twin performers explore the relationship between their seemingly opposite natures–undifferentiated love and the discriminating logical mind. Amanda Gregory plays Nema, androgynous and beautiful, while Scott Gregory plays Egor, tattered and resilient. Their connection is deep but pathological, and we observe as their relationship shatters and reforms. Whether the new formation is more harmonious is yet to be determined.
Scott and Amanda Gregory have been a formidable team since they shared a womb in 1986. They were raised in a suburb of Houston, Texas, which is okay. Amanda has been developing her voice since childhood, eventually earning a Masters in Opera from Manhattan School of Music and performing as an avant grade opera singer with Nouveau Classical Project and the Knells in New York City.  Scott has been fooling around with sounds for many years, and more recently got caught up in the Ecstatic Dance movement, Authentic Relating Facilitation, and his music duo called Caffeinated.  The twins also founded an organization called Beatific Beat- a project that produces concerts with a radical atmosphere of liberation and connection.

$12 tickets