Fruit Flies Like A Banana

Fruit Flies Like A Banana – The Fourth Wall
Rated G – 60 minutes
9/27 6:30pm & 9/28 6:30pm @ Super Happy Fun Land


The Fourth Wall Fruit Flies

3 performers. 20 pieces. 60 minutes. Working at break-neck speed, The Fourth Wall combines music, theatre, and dance in this sprint-triathlon variety show. The audience determines the show order by choosing cards from a deck and even determines the parameters for pieces created on the spot! Lauded for their “…Keystone Cops energy, Three Stooge silliness, and virtuoso musicianship,” at IndyFringe 2013, Fruit Flies Like a Banana is sure to make you laugh, sing, and wonder “How’d they do that?”
The Fourth Wall 5 - credited


The Fourth Wall explores a new hybrid of the performing arts in which musicians are also dancers and actors. Recent appearances include the National Flute Association’s annual convention, the Indianapolis Fringe Festival, and the Old Songs Festival in New York as well as residencies at schools from Alaska to Massachusetts, the International Flute Symposium, and as teaching artists for Indiana’s Arts for Learning program.
$12 tickets