Archive 2010



Tread Lightly

Light-painting effects: Matt Crawford

Choreographer: Rebecca French

Composer: Robert Thoth


CORE-poreal (Audience Favorite)

Choreographed and performed by: COREdance



Choreographed and performed by: Tsunami Dance (New Orleans)


What is here is elsewhere, what is not here is nowhere

Choreography/Video/Performed by: Paul Smith


De Plumas (Audience Favorite)

Choreographed and Performed by: Reyie Delgado




Architects of Cinema

Performed by: Sandy Ewen, Chris Nelson & Y. E. Torres



Written and Performed by: Lindsey Carey


The Ratgirls (Producer’s Pick)

Created and Performed by: The Ratgirls (Austin, TX)


Photographs of a Cheating Husband

Playwright: Fernando Dovalina

Director: Dennis Draper


The Book of Wool and Fur

Written and performed by: Loueva Smith


Fitting Room (Audience Favorite)

Conceived and Directed by: Brandy Holmes



Hollywood Squares

Producer: Mark Carrier

Writer: El Guillory


I said, don’t touch my dog

Playwright: Mary Ellen Whitworth

*Live singing by Poopy Lungstuffing and live graffiti art by Aerosol Warfare


A Conversation with Myself (Producer’s Pick)

Written and Performed by: Ray Hill





Autobiophony: An Anthology of Anecdotes

Composed and Performed by: Doug Falk and the Nonsense Music Band


What’s Eating Martha

Writer & Filmmaker:  Margo Stutts Toombs

Director:  Jhon R. Stronks


Forbidden Hypnosis: Demonstrations From the Edge of the Mind

Created by: Dan Perez

*Light-painting interactive display by Matt Crawford and Che Rickman




Covered Excerpt

Conceived, filmed and edited by: Beverly Yuen Thompson


Rogue Improv!

Improve comedy by Rogue Improv


Puppetmaster (Audience Favorite)

Created and Performed by:  Troy Stanley and Amberry Jam




Choreographer:  Jennifer Sommers

Composer:  Nino Rota


The Chip Tune Crooner

Conceived and Performed by:  Robert Thoth


Ruffle My Feathers

Choreographed by: Chadwick Peters


The Gendermyn

Created and Performed by: The Gendermyn



Conceived, filmed and edited by:  Stephan Hillerbrand and Mary Magsamen