Archive 2011


Animal Dances

Created and Performed by: China Cat Dance (Houston, TX)


Laprinye Reyinon 

Choreographed and performed by: Tina Mullone (Monroe, LA)


Confessions of a Dancemaker (Audience Favorite)

Choreographed and performed by: Rosie Trump (Houston, TX)


The All Hands Meeting (Audience Favorite)

Choreographed and performed by: FrenetiCore (Houston, TX) and Crossover Movement Arts (Decatur, GA)





Created and Performed by: Audacity Theatre Lab (Carrollton, TX)


Secret Success Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know!

Created and Performed by: Paul Locklear (Houston, TX)


Just A Tease (Audience Favorite)

Created and Performed by: Houston Burlesque Revue


Bedtime Stories

Created and Performed by: Ornery Theatre (Houston, TX)


Cassie and Breakthrough (Audience Favorite)

Created and Performed by: Edge Theatre (Houston, TX)



Tempest in a Teacup 

Created and Performed by: Patti P & Company (Richfield, MN)


Most Extreme Ocean Adventure

Performed by: Ryan Cockerham (Irving, TX)


Drift: with Trio      

Created and Performed by: Sarah Gamblin (Denton, TX)

The Shit We Lost In The Fire

Created and performed by: Sobers and Godley (New York, NY)


Milo & Shyla

Created and performed by: Milo & Shyla (Austin, TX)


Fugitive Songs (Best in Show)

Created and performed by: Famous & Divine (Bedford, United Kingdom)


Live Ate

Created and performed by: PoetKen Productions (Houston, TX)




Margo, Rita and the Pee Pee Dress

Created and Performed by Margo Stutts Toombs

Same Old Song

Created and Performed by Kira Boerkircher, Mallory Horn, Mollie Miller, Stacey Ramsower


Performed by Redernus Feil Dance Company

Longform Improv

Performed by The New Movement

Born on the Tundra

Created by Diana Weeks


Created and Performed by Stacey Ramsower

Ten Eleven Twelve

Performed by Eric Bustamante, Thanushka Lewkebandara,Grant Martin and Alejandro Zapata



Playwriting with Jim Tommaney

Impact of Social Media on Art PR with Ken Jones

Dreaming Into Devising with Amanda Price and Mary Steadman

Freestyle Poling with Blake Dalton

Tension, Emotion and Comedy in Improvised Theatre with Milo & Shyla