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StaceyA New Statement
(10/2 at 8pm, 10/3 at 9:30pm and 10/5 at 6:30pm at The Barn – paired with Framing Bodies: LOVE ME

Contemporary Afro-fusion piece presenting a look at the identities of African American women. Beginning with the image of Saartjie Baartman (Sarah Baartman), and paralleling it to the imagery of African American women in contemporary society.

Felicia Woodard is a native Houstonian with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and English from Sam Houston State University. She is a company member with LD Samba Dance Company. Stacey Baldon received a Bachelor of Arts in Dance with a minor in Spanish from Sam Houston State University. Stacey currently dances with Urban Souls Dance Company and KoumanKele African Dance and Drum Ensemble.


An Absolutely Absurd… Meal
Absolutely Absurd 2(10/2 at 9:30pm, 10/3 at 6:30pm and 10/4 at 11pm at Frenetic Theater – paired with BAT Improv)
An Absolutely Absurd…Meal is an unconventional dance concert that consists four dances in the order of a four-course meal with an appetizer, salad-course, main entrée, and dessert.

An eccentric dance maker/improviser, Annabelle Chen interplays between speed and density with unpredictability and indeterminacy in her movement and works. Also known for her nonsensical sense of humor, her choreography has been compared to the process of solving monstrous chaotic equations that lead to linear results.  Originally from Taiwan, she recently received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance Studies from Texas Woman’s University, and she wishes to continue her research in Contact Improvisation and Butoh to enrich her practices in improvisation, performance, and choreography.
AquariaAquaria Photo by Milton Adams
(10/3 at 9:30pm, 10/5 at 5pm and 10/6 at 6:30pm at Frenetic Theater)
Through dance and costuming, Aquaria takes the audience on an underwater journey where they will encounter mermaids, fish, sea urchins, jelly fish, and a host of fanciful water creatures.

Performing throughout Texas since 2008, ChinaCat Dance, under the artistic direction of Maggie Lasher, is a fun, fresh company with a unique approach to contemporary dance.  Known for creative and memorable costuming and design elements, ChinaCat presents simple themes that speak to the imagination and the heart.


Excerpts from Vignettes 1Excertps from Vignettes
(10/2 at 6:30pm, 10/3 at 11pm and 10/4 at 8pm at Frenetic Theater – paired with Soul Sucking Panties)
Excerpts from Vignettes is a collaboration between choreographer Yvonne Montoya, composer Jordane Lafitte and poet Bobby LeFebre. Each piece is a fusion of poetry, choreography and composition. Vignettes originally debuted as a site specific performance in March 2013.

Safos Dance Theatre is an emerging non-profit modern dance company founded in Tucson, AZ in 2009. Safos creates contemporary artistic forms that reflect the common experiences of our diverse community. Focusing predominately on Latina/os, we are committed to: providing a safe space for artists, encouraging innovative movements, and using multi-disciplinary forms and body types to represent the cultural diversity of the US/Mexico borderlands.


Framing Bodies: LOVE MEFrame Dance - Framing Bodies: LOVE ME
(10/2 at 8pm, 10/3 at 9:30pm and 10/5 at 6:30pm at The Barn – paired with A New Statement)
Lydia Hance, director of Frame Dance Productions, presents a dance film that brings daring professional dancers and brave Houston community members together to tell their love secrets. What do a librarian, a nurse, a lawyer, a pre-school teacher, a mail clerk, and a professional dancer all have in common? They are all spilling their guts in word and dance for you. This film moves from stories of sublime love expression to the depths of emotional isolation. These Houstonians are telling their secrets. Will you listen?

Frame Dance Productions’ mission is to engage audiences with dance in meaningful ways through creating innovative and vulnerable works for the screen and stage.   Frame Dance Productions contextualizes dance in several expanding ways that allow people multiple entry points into their own creative process, and thus multiple entry points into empathy, sensitivity to others, and seeing our world in a broader, more vibrant way.  Frame Dance seeks to expose Houstonians to dance and the artistic process, document Houstonians’ stories that would otherwise remain unheard and bring healing to community members through a creative experience.


It Takes A Villageit takes a village hug
(10/4 at 6:30pm, 10/5 at 9:30pm and 10/6 at 5pm at Frenetic Theater)
It Takes A Village is a dance theater exploration on family and relationships. Whether it is your blood family or the family you chose these interpersonal dynamics can be very difficult to maneuver, especially when we get older. The dancers take the audience on a journey to the center of truth and reality.

Corian Ellisor has choreographed over 30 dances. His choreography was presented twice at the American College Dance Festival and awarded a coveted spot in the Gala performance. He has produced five dance concerts including: “The Atlanta Queer Dance Festival,” “WikiDance,”  “Be(a)stie,” “Coming Out Party,” and “It Takes a Village.” He has recently started his own dance company, Ellisorous Rex and the Dance Machine which can be seen performing around town. Corian was also awarded the Walthall Fellowship through Wonderroot in 2012 and was named the “Top 20 people to watch in 2013,” by Creative loafing.


the image of processProcess
(10/3 at 8pm, 10/5 at 5pm and 10/6 at 6:30pm at The Barn)
Process is a journey through cancer treatment and the discovery that bad things aren’t always bad. From a hilarious frenzy of insurance paperwork to an emotional moment facing reality to an unlikely love story, it is a lesson in choosing to seek happiness through pain.

Emotions Physical Theatre is a brand new company that combines physical theatre and contemporary dance. We desire to build artwork that is entertaining, thought provoking, and accessible to everyone. Emotions Physical Theatre is committed to using the collaboration process to create productions that enrich the human experience, inspire stronger human relationships, and comment on current culture. Our performances are organic, athletic and theatrical. 


Soul Sucking PantiesRocket Girl Burlesque 1
(10/2 at 6:30pm, 10/3 at 11pm and 10/4 at 8pm at Frenetic Theater – paired with Excerpts from Vignettes)

Soul-Sucking Panties, Rocket Girl Burlesque’s premiere Fringe Fest performance, starts with an old-school Burlesque routine and segues into a dance and Vaudeville-style mockery of societal standards of beauty and expectations put on people in today’s world.

Heather Mia (aka Heidi von Hoop), along with being one half of Rocket Girl Burlesque, is also known as the The Hooping Hottie of Houston. She teaches hoop dance and burlesque classes in the Spring/The Woodlands area, and spends her spare time doing volunteer work with the Benefit Betties. Meredith Spies (aka Mistress Mimi) is a belly dancer, burlesque performer, romance novelist and SAHM in the Spring area.  She performs regularly in and around Houston and teaches dance in the Woodlands.  In her spare time, she writes romance novels and plays dinosaurs vs pirates with her son. Rocket Girl Burlesque was formed by two performers who love the old style, Vaudeville burlesque, and who want to use performance to comment on society, to tell stories, and embrace beauty in all forms.


(10/3 at 8pm and 10/5 at 3:30pm and 10/8pm at Frenetic Theater)

Created by all the artists via, Internet, Text, Email, and phone calls, lots of phone calls! The ideas were gathered and joined while the artist lived in different location, states and cities. Opening the doors to a new show and creation, Cirque La Vie brings a show of high level acrobatics and movement with a very deep but light, dark but happy, square but rounded story line about “Daring To Be Different”. Directed by Kelly Tran. Artistic director: Reyie Nal

Cirque La Vie  is a circus company that allows artist to run away from their everyday  life by creating works of art that some people have called crazy, others imaginative and some left speechless. Cirque La Vie has been seen in Americas Got Talent and WithOut A Net FIlm Premiere. Living by its motto “Dare To Be Different.” C.L.V brings a breath of fresh air every time they set foot on a stage living audiences both moved and inspired.


(10/5 at 8pm and 10/6 at 3:30pm at The Barn – paired with Wanderland)
Untitled was ignited upon Amy Ell’s travels to the Middle East earlier this year and explores the role of women and homosexuals in the cultures of that region.

VauLt Houston


WanderlandWanderland Photo by Lynn Lane
10/5 at 8pm and 10/6 at 3:30pm at The Barn – paired with Untitled)
Wanderland’s  star-studded cast features performers that span Houston’s diverse performance, music and visual art scene. The cast’s diverse movement and theater backgrounds help create collaborative movement that is inventive and exploratory. Director Ashley Horn joined forces with Angela Alongi to create more than 40 original costumes ranging from quirky to couture. Experimentation with volume, texture, and unlikely combinations of pieces transports viewers into a fantasy world of eccentric characters. The soundtrack for Wanderland was created by Houston recording artist Poopy Lungstuffing (AKA Olivia Dvorak). Lungstuffing’s album Sorry, I Am Bad is full of haunting melodies that drive and compliment Wanderland’s athletic modern dance choreographic score. Photo by Lynn Lane.

Ashley Horn is a dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, costume designer, and artist from the Houston area.  She has shown choreography and films at ACFD, The University of Houston, Big Range Dance Festival, The Texas Weekend of Contemporary Dance, Third Coast Dance on Film Festival, The Houston Fringe Festival, and Dance Month at the ERJCC among other venues and events.  She has created costumes for FrenetiCore, Frame Dance Productions, Sol Y Luna Dance, and her own works.  Ashley is the co-founder and curator of Motion Captured: An Evening of Dance on Film at the ERJCC as a part of Dance Month.  In 2012, Ashley was a recipient of an individual artist grant from the Houston Arts Alliance to create Wanderland.  Ashley was named one of the 100 Creatives of 2013 by the Houston Press.


FairgodmotherFinalWhat Lies In Wonder
(10/2 at 6:30pm, 10/5 at 9:30pm and 10/6 at 5pm at The Barn)
A tale of Compassion, Magic, Ego, Wonder, Addiction and most importantly Love.

Jacquelyne Jay Boe is a Houston based dancer/teacher/artist; “What Lies in Wonder” is her choreography premier in the area.  Boe has the pleasure of working with Jessica Bell, Cori Miller, Tina Shariffskul and Alex Soares for this particular project.



Beans Barton and the Bipeds
Beans-Megaphone(10/2 at 8pm, 10/3 at 9:30pm and 10/5 at 3:30pm at Super Happy Fun Land)

Houston Gland Opera presents Beans Barton & the Bi-Peds. For more than 27 years Bi-Peds of Proper Proportion have been providing Rock & Role Theater Under the Bars to the Gulf Coast region. This All Star Revue features such highlights as the Tribal Lily Belly Dancers, music by The Lugnuts, the Reeking Havocs, Pound of Flesh, Vomitorium, The Whistle Boogers, Gig Burley® and more, and the spoken word poetry of Waldo Bob Frost.



Paul_TrainThe Quiet Persistence of Memory
(10/2 at 9:30pm, 10/3 at 8pm, 10/5 at 9:30pm at Super Happy Fun Land)

The Quiet Persistence of Memory explores the role that memory (and perception of memory) plays at a personal, professional, psychological, and societal level.  An original music composition with accompanying visuals and live improvisation, [TQPoM] explores the process by which information (memory) is encoded, stored and retrieved, how memory is utilized, its decay over time, the influence/impact of chemical augmentation/diffusion, memory disruptions and disorders, and memory’s value (currency) in a hyper-information rich society.

The Quiet Persistence of Memory Ensemble is comprised of several artists from Houston’s new music and improvisation community, performing an original composition written by Paul Connolly. Each performance will feature a slightly different configuration of performers, with the written score augmented by live improvisation, and accompanying visuals.



Irene Chan- An Incomplete (Sex) EducationAn Incomplete (Sex) Education
(10/4 at 9:30pm, 10/5 at 8pm and 10/6 at 6:30pm at Bohemeo’s)
In a unique storytelling experience, four short, short humorous stories are told about one woman’s early experience of sex education. Come travel back in time with her and hear personal first lessons of sexual politics when she was six to twelve. Along the way, feast your eyes on a garden of delights pollinating as a leaf grows into a flower, a skirt, and a book all while nibbling on erotic dessert. For adult audiences.

Irene Chan is a multidisciplinary artist who works integrates print media and sculptural book arts into her storytelling performances. Her stories are about being a first generation Asian American woman in this time frame, and how the influences of the past and questions of the future affect how she lives. She is an Associate Professor in the departments of Visual Arts and Asian Studies at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, U.S.A.


Bat – Improv in the Dark  ThisInfiniteCloset(10/2 at 9:30pm, 10/3 at 6:30pm and 10/4 at 11pm at Frenetic Theater – paired with An Absolutely Absurd… Meal)
This Infinite Closet performs a Bat – a surreal form of improv presented in complete darkness. Performers create improvised realms using ethereal storytelling interspersed with sound effects, music and percussion made with their own voices and bodies. This distinctive improv form encourages audience members to close their eyes let their imaginations wander as performers weave vocal soundscapes, transcend boundaries of time and space and explore characters and settings outside the realm of a typical improv performance.

This Infinite Closet was formed in 2012 by Station Theater Comedy Conservatory alumni Roger Anderson, Jessica Brown, Matt Graham, Laura Helmers, Kelly Juneau and Steven Saltsman. Members are active in Station Theater, supporting their community and sharing their love of improv by performing, teaching, coaching and touring. They connected over a shared love of the absurd and non-traditional characters and found their group voice in the Bat, invented by their mentor Joe Bill of The Annoyance Theater in Chicago. This Infinite Closet has performed at the Houston Improv Festival and Trill Comedy Festival.


Passport to WomanhoodPassport To Womanhood
(10/2 at 8pm, 10/3 at 9:30pm and 10/5 at 5pm at Bohemeo’s)
Passport To Womanhood is a one-woman theatrical show that infuses poetry and dramatic monologues.  It seeks to answer the questions that if life is a journey, then for females, the moment of clarity and transformation into adulthood can be considered a passport. And if this is true, then all the experiences had, people met, lessons learned are all just stamps on the passport. But what is it that truly defines a woman?  What is that moment of transformation marked by? Meet Kenya, this is her journey, this is her life, this is her story, this is a glimpse into her passport to womanhood.

Alexandria Gurley, aka Alex Tha Great (Poet/Actress/Vocalist) received a M.A. in Cultural Studies from Claremont Graduate University and a B.A. in African American Studies from University of California, Irvine.   Passport To Womanhood is the first of her own original theater projects and she is currently working on writing a script called Hair And There Been There Done That.  As a poet, she has been performing over the country since 2009 in venues such as 2nd Verse, Words Over Lattes, Austin Neo-Soul Lounge, and Natty Roots & Rhyme.  She is currently based in Dallas, Texas where she is building a new open mic as co-founder of The Lyrical Project.  She is also the author of collection of original poetry Sticks and Stones Dont Break My Bones.   (


Phone WhorePhone Whore Cameryn Moore
(10/2 at 8pm, 10/4 at 9:30pm and 10/5 at 6:30pm at Frenetic Theater)
Truth and taboo collide in this intimate, one-hour visit with a phone sex operator. Listen closely: she may change your views on sex forever.

Cameryn Moore is an award-winning playwright/performer, sex activist and educator, and, oh yeah, a phone sex operator. Her work in theatre, literature, and activism/advocacy is both a challenge and invitation to adventurous audience everywhere. She is the creator and performer of multiple sex- and kink-positive solo shows, including Phone Whore (2010), slut (r)evolution (2011), for | play (2012), and Release (2013). These shows have toured to 34 cities around North America so far; this year, Phone Whore is heading to the Edinburgh Fringe and a five-city UK tour in August and September.


Raspberry FizzRaspberry Fizz
(10/4 at 8pm, 10/5 at 9:30pm and 10/6 at 3:30pm at Bohemeo’s)
Ellson is 11 years old. He is chomping at the bit to ask Samantha out to the harvest dance. What’s with that strange carnival barker with the mysterious sideshow bally? RASPBERRY FIZZ is an exploration of expectation and the potentialities of the future tied up in a tender and humorous slice-of-life coming-of-age encounter between two adolescents in the small town America of 1949.

Proudly based in Dallas, Texas, Audacity Theatre Lab is a platform for the imaginations of a collective of individual theatre artists. The artists of ATL are empowered to use the company as an outlet for the creation of new theatre projects, be they bold re-imaginings of existing works or the incubation and exploration of completely original works for the stage


Some Women See Things As They Are
(10/2 at 9:30pm, 10/5 at 6:30pm and 10/6 at 5pm at Bohemeo’s)

Jackie reads history, recites poetry and seeks privacy as she continues to recover from her husband’s assassination in 1963. When the former First Lady learns the White House may force public disclosure of her late husband’s marital infidelities, she plans to protect his reputation. Also, because of her opposition to the Vietnam War, she entrusts her assistant Frannie to help her find the means to manipulate the 1968 presidential election.

Olivia Jimenez (Frannie) facilitates workshops for Conspire Theatre in Austin. The Austin native graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from the University of Southern California, where she appeared in The Alcestiad, Among the Sand and Smog and several more productions.  Leslie Paula Robinson (Jackie) is a FUNauctions Professional Ringman and Stage Manager. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Theater from McNeese State University. Her performance in Hamlet two years ago at City Theatre marked her stage debut in Austin. She is also a physical therapist and dance student.  Cindy Hebert (Producer) is a life-long resident of New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina survivor and dedicated art and theater patron.  Jessie J. Flores (Program/Set Design) is an independent graphic artist based in Corpus Christi and San Antonio, Texas. He graduated from Southwest Texas University.  Kay Diane Lee (Poet) is a member of the Highland Lakes Writers Club in Marble Falls, Texas. She graciously gives the Highland Lakes Players permission to recite her poem “Return From the Land of the Living.”  Raymond V. Whelan (Playwright/Director) is a proud member of Script Works Austin. He has written, directed and produced two plays for Frontera Fest in Austin, including Southie Pride Ezzah Given in 2012 and Some Women See Things As They Are in 2013.


I_promoThe Death of Print
(10/3 at 8pm, 10/4 at 6:30pm and 10/5 at 11pm at Bohemeo’s)

The Death of Print laments the slow, witless murder of the printed word to the giggling tunes of texting while driving, sexting while legislating, and chewing of popcorn while “reality stars” shape the culture of the 21st Century. But we’re not mad about it.

Invisible Lines is a bar-based troupe of poetry performers who seek to take the sounds of poetry out of your head and put them back up on stage where they belong. Invisible Lines principals are Salvador Macias, a visual artist, poet, and raconteur, and Bucky Rea, a poet, chapbook editor, and writer of blurbs.



Urban AustinSaulPaul- Urban Austin director
(10/4 at 9:30pm, 10/5 at 5pm and 10/6 at 3:30pm at Super Happy Fun Land)

Urban Austin…a journey through love, tragedy and triumph…woven together through spoken-word and music.

Imagine Whose Line is it Anyway had a baby with Hip Hop. If it were handsome, witty, good with words, great at improv and musically gifted…then that baby would be a lot like SaulPaul. SaulPaul is an acoustic Hip Hop artist who creates complete songs from scratch live on the spot with just his voice, his guitar, his loop pedal and a variety of other live improvisational elements to create a live show that is nothing less than an experience. Capitol View Arts provides programming with the purpose of bringing people together, providing cultural awareness, educating artists in regard to career decisions, and improving quality of life in east Austin, all while preserving Austin’s African-American heritage.


The Aesthetic of Waste 2We Stole This
(10/4 at 8pm, 10/5 at 8pm and 10/6 at 6:30pm at Frenetic Theater Patio Stage)
Like a speeding, feverish locomotive throwing rain and steam from its proud smokestacks, We Stole This is a rapid, boisterous departure through many genres that captures the frenzied feelings, whims, & desires of our day’s hysterical youth. The Aesthetic of Waste presents an indeterminable number of scenes in an order chosen by the manic invisible hand of the audience.

The Aesthetic of Waste is a performance collective of Artists, Actors and Aggressive Egotists from San Antonio specializing in savage and bizarre theatrical experiences. Focusing on devising original works, the Aesthetic of Waste expounds upon the virtues of speed, chaos and anti-pleasantness.




The Houston Fringe Festival closes with the ‘Anything Goes’ performance.

On October 6 at 8pm performers will bring to the stage their fastest (all 10 minutes or less) and fringiest (we’re talking real weird y’all) works. Don’t miss this decidedly chaotic, closing night event!
Date: October 6
Time: 8pm
Location: Frenetic Theater, 5102 Navigation Blvd.
Tickets: $15 presale/$20 at the door. Purchase presale tickets here.
Conjuring the World Imagined examines the spaces of reality that we can’t see. Through Bjork’s music, the main character is taken on a journey through her nightmares, fears, and otherworldly experiences; conversely, she eventually finds a safe haven in her dreams, the world of beauty, and her heavenly retreat.

Adam Castañeda studies dance at Houston Community College where he performs with the school’s African Dance and Drum Ensemble. He also performs with FrenetiCore and Lipan Urban.

Katrina-Erased DuetErased Duet:Reverse Erased. Through exploring the usself-abandon and rapidly shifting emotional states, this contemporary work attempts to uncover and expel residual traumatic energy to expose one’s indepdance. Provocated from a solo titled “Erased Duet”, this work uses gestures and other choreographic elements as a structure to explore held tension that forms a non-linear story. Performers: Katrina Brown, Clery Moss

Morgan Leigh is a dance artist who creates work using fast, abrupt level changes between the floor, the air, and everything in between.  She extracts the body’s capability of emoting by investigating the line between form and collapse while using the senses in connection to the body’s surroundings.  These elements allows the audience to see the dancing body as an athletic dancing form and container of emotional history while producing an inner dialogue that extracts movement and emotion that transcends the stage.

Milestones & Monuments embarks on an emotionally daring exploration of addictive habits through surreal undertones that evoke honest, visceral feelings. Performer: Abby DouglassLaura Harrell, from Sugar Land, TX, holds a Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance from Sam Houston State University. Laura served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant where she assisted with Choreography (I, III, IV), and taught Introduction to Ballet, Introduction to Modern, Jazz I, and Jazz II. She is currently teaching as a Dance Adjunct Faculty member at Lone Star College (North Harris) where she is teaching Modern, Ballet, and Dance Appreciation. She has presented choreography at SHSU, Dance Gathering at the Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex, the 2012 Houston Fringe Festival Anything Goes Weekend at the Frenetic Theater, and Venturing Out… To Where it all Began at the Houston Met Studio. This spring she presented “Milestones & Monuments” at the American College Dance Festival, South- Central Conference and was recently awarded the SHSU Dance Graduate Student Outstanding Choreography Award. Next on the agenda for Laura is traveling to New York City this October and participating in the Dance Gallery Festival where she will be presenting work at the Ailey Citigroup Theater.

In Myself, My Enemy, this visual interpretation explores through movement when thoughts of anxiety and depression begin to plague a mind and consume a soul.

Lauren Hurstell began dancing at an early age and during her high school years trained at the Ruth Page Foundation School of Dance under the direction of Larry Long. She has danced with the Civic Ballet of Chicago, Ballet Magnificat!, Evansville Dance Theater, and currently Freneticore.

Not Your Grandma’s Burlesque. Get ready for a rainstorm of clothing, Justa’ Peek and Raggety Panties are here to give you a sexy weather report. So wear your raincoat and prepare for precipitation.

Justa Peek and Raggety Panties are happy to share their talents of the art of burlesque with you tonight. Justa’ has studied burlesque since she was in utero (her mother was the first pregnant burlesque dancer to develop a special pasty that doubled as a lactation pad.) Raggety began lifting her skirts at an early age when she first aired her torn panties to the world, thus earning her name. Their favorite part of burlesque is the crowds reaction when they step on stage, leaving the ladies to wonder if the laughs are for them or out of sheer entertainment. Enjoy the show and remember that we are all burlesque dancers inside. Peace!

Rouge, a solo performed by Marcela Acosta to the Ingrid Michaelson version of the song Can’t Help Falling in Love, began as a work for a student concert with UH at Barneveldor Theater in March 2013. Fascinated by the way that storytelling can be relayed through dance, Marcela’s piece intertwines the message of the lyrics in the music to a dancer’s connection with the story through gestures. Watch and enjoy as she takes you across the stage through a sequence of events in time with an all familiar love story.

Marcela Acosta is attending the University of Houston studying Environmental Science and Dance. She is also a member of the UH Dance ensemble for the 2013-2014 season. She attributes her foundation and growth in technique to her many sources of wonderful training, including the Ailey School summer intensive in 2013.

Self Portrait With Blue Yarn (video)/One To Ten (poem)SPBe
Cameron’s work is about the idea of transformation.  This involves movement, time, space, and basic elements of art and design.  In his latest video performance, Self Portrait With Blue Yarn documents himself while being wrapped with a spool of blue yarn.  His poem, One To Ten, comments on moving forward through fear and will accompany the projected video.

Cameron Frederick Sands lives and works out of his studio in Houston.  Since his first paintings in 1998, Sands has also enjoyed sculpture, mixed-media, and video.  He is premiering Self Portrait With Blue Yarn at this year’s festival, and looks forward to participating with a variety of different acts on the closing night.


215Vivaldi Trois is a direct music visualization of the Vivaldi Mandolin Concerto in D as performed by the Romeros.  I have attempted to respond in movement to every sixteenth note of the musical performance.  This makes for a very densely packed somewhat corny dance that I hope the audience will find humorous and exhilarating.

Dana E. Nicolay, Artistic Diregtor – Chaordinum Dance Works        Drawing on his international background in ballet, contemporary dance and Laban Movement Analysis, Dana strives to create dances that speak clearly and truly of the human experience.  His body of nearly 50 concert works has produced numerous awards and recognitions from organizations such as the American College Dance Festival Association, Regional Dance America, and the Mid-America Dance Network.  He pursues an active free-lance career as a teacher, choreographer, and adjudicator. He holds the MFA in modern dance from TCU, is a Certified Laban/ Bartenieff Movement Analyst and is a tenured full professor of dance at Sam Houston State University.