NUT BOMB QUEER BAIT – Leslie Scates & Erin Reck
Rated PG – 30 minutes
(paired with Wash)
9/24 6:30pm & 9/26 8:00pm@ The Barn


Scates and Reck are in process. They agreed to create an evening length duet based on high physicality, dancey stuff, improvisational and repeatable movement. Scates and Reck are interested in naming the normal, predictable, expected components of performance and movement techniques associated with post, post, post, post modern dance and are working in opposition to those elements, qualities and trappings. Expectations create frameworks for dance watchers and makers. They also can create a vortex of stagnation. Scates and Reck are interested in spending time and force working a way out.

Leslie Scates and Erin Reck use improvised and repeatable choreography to frame real-time action performance. Collaborating with intent… to upset and redirect, deconstruct construction, reconsider virtuosity, consider and abandon the expected, poke at normal, and to lie face down and ramble.

NUT BOMB QUEER BAIT 2Erin Reck has been dancing, choreographing, teaching, and drumming up projects in New York City from 1997 to 2010. She relocated to Houston, is an Assistant Professor at Sam Houston State University, and creating work under the name of Recked Productions. Recked Productions is a multi-level platform to continue creating her own work as well as collaborating with and production coordinating various projects of other artists. For more information, go to She is thrilled to be creating this entirely collaborative work with Leslie Scates.

Leslie Scates is a member of Lower Left Performance Collective and works with Erin Reck, Sophia Torres, CORE Performance Company and is currently beginning projects with Blaffer Gallery Houston, Lone Star College Dance Program, and Sam Houston State University Dance for the 2014-15 season. Leslie teaches Contact and Dance Improvisation at the University of Houston Dance Department and guest teaches for local performance collectives. She has worked with Deborah Hay, Jordan Fuchs Dance and many artists locally and across the US. She is teaching, performing and studying at Tanzfabrik and Live Legacy Project in Germany this July.

$12 tickets