Re: The Art of Everyday Politics

Re: The Art of Everyday Politics – 3395
Rated PG – 20 minutes
(paired with Bat)
9/25 6:30pm & 9/26 8:00pm @ Frenetic Theater
re-the art of everyday
Re: The Art of Everyday Politics is an exhibition in four acts of artists’ perspectives on everyday life. Utilizing performance and installation, Baker explores internal and external perceptions of community, Partiai examines the intricacies of interpersonal relationships, Rodriguez deconstructs environments to reconstruct their politics, and Zech explores the self and the everyday. The interactions between these four acts are not limited to simultaneity. Each of the artists’ pieces stands alone, but can be presented as one piece.
Amber Baker is a growing artist and choreographer in the Greater Houston area. She recently graduated from the University of Houston with a BA in dance and a minor in Interdisciplinary Arts. Amber’s work centers on family, community and togetherness by focusing on the lives and stories of individuals she makes contact with everyday. Her work searches for how individuals and strangers are alike for the purpose of coming together in a united pursuit for God. Amber’s desire is to continue to grow in her craft and help make dance more available to students in low income communities.
Anasheh Partiai is a recent graduate from the University of Houston with a Degree in Dance and a Minor in Interdisciplinary Arts. Her work focuses on absorbing from life experiences from the people around her and exploring the individuality and uniqueness to make art through storytelling and movement.  She plans to stay in Houston to work in diverse dance atmospheres to grow as both a dancer and choreographer.
Sarah Rodriguez is an artist interested in power structures and accessibility. Rodriguez’s work deconstructs environments in attempts to reconstruct its politics.
Brandon Zech is an artist and art historian studying at the University of Houston. His work draws primarily from personal experience and art history. Through drawing, printmaking and performance, Zech explores the self, the concept of language and the everyday.
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