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Worn Out Soles – Destyne Millerwos2

8/25 @ 6pm, 8/27 @ 4pm

Destyne Miller’s Worn Out Soles returns to the Pilot on Navigation as part of the Ninth Annual Houston Fringe Festival! Worn Out Soles is an original stage play written to challenge misconceptions while forcing the audience to take a walk in the shoes of the people we judge most. This play tackles the ugly side of human interaction: the way we judge those that are different from us and less fortunate than we may be. After watching the show, the audience will feel something, be it guilt, shame, sympathy or empathy. Worn Out Soles has the potential to tap into that hardened place in the hearts of many and allow them to see people in a different and more human way.

Middle school teacher, poet, actress, playwright and mother, Destyne Miller, is the founder of Destyne Fulfilled Productions.  She is a graduate of Grambling State University with her B.A. in Theatre Arts.  She is presently working on her M.A. in Theatre Education at the University of Houston. Through personal experiences and life lessons she hopes to bring a different perspective to everyday issues in a simple, straightforward, yet positive way. With her free spirit and ever evolving thought process, she takes on the challenge of bringing people together- not to make them think the same but to be able to exist as different and unique individuals.


HumanZooThe Human Zoo – Invisible Lines

8/26 @ 11:30pm, 8/28 @ 5pm – The Barn
Invisible Lines brings back The Human Zoo to the Pilot on Navigation after a successful July run.  Co-directed by Bucky Rea, Amyna Dosani, and Joseph Machado; choreographed by Autumn Kiskinis; and with musical direction by Baltazar Canales, The Human Zoo utilizes poetry, music, and dance to express the constraints and strains of twenty-first century life.


“The voice of poetry is not heard; it is over-heard. It is our inner silent confession of who we are, inside our social cages,” says Invisible Lines principal Bucky Rea. “And so we use words and dance and song to reveal the intimate truth onto the stage and into the minds and hearts of our audience. Five unique poets have offered us their words, and our troupe, in response, will tell them with voice and dance and music how we hear their human cries.”

Featuring the poetry of…
• Robin Davidson (Houston Poet-Laureate)
• Billie Duncan
• Savannah Blue (Bayou City Grand Slam)
• Mike McGuire
• Rebecca Oxley

cantkeepwaitingCan’t Keep Waiting – Harold Trotter

8/24 @ 9pm, 8/26 @ 8:30pm

Can’t Keep Waiting is a romantic comedy all about sex, love and revenge! This late night presentation is perfect for date night, a night out with the girls, or just good fun.

The story follows three couples as they discover a few things you just can’t wait for and the unfortunate truth that all good things must come to an end.



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